So much history. So little time. This biography is a work in progress. There's more coming. So, please stand by…

Deniel Edwards passion for playing guitar has taken him from the mean streets in Milwaukee to trading licks with the best in the business.

01. Deniel's mother bought him his first guitar for Christmas, a Harmony acoustic. He began practicing under the guidance of his brother, who introduced him to Rock & Roll, Boogie Woogie, and Rockabilly music.

02. As a teenager, Deniel tagged along with his brother Dan, who was in a very popular midwest band called the Bonnevilles. Deniel was inspired by Bonneville's guitar player Larry Lynne and legendary guitarist Sam McCue.

03. Some of the first artists that Deniel Edwards backed early on in his career were Tommy Roe, Wayne Newton, Billy Joe Burnett, and the Caravelles from England.

"Some of the great bass players I've had the privilege of working with are Steph Traino, Rick Bozzo, Richard Deperna, Jerry Schils, Gary Shea of the band New England, Keith Hollar who backed Steven Bishop, Noel Redding of the band Fat Mattress, Mark Epstein who worked with Joe Bonamassa and Johnny Winter, Prescott Niles of the band Knack, Bobby Picket of the band Detective, Stretch Head (Studio Musician), Dee Murray who played with Elton John and Kinky Dee."

04. When Don Peake met Deniel Edwards while on tour with the Everly Brothers, they became close friends. When Deniel moved to LA, Don Peake introduced him to the music scene and hired him to work on dozens of projects together. They continue to work on new projects to this day.

05. When first arriving to LA, some of the first artists Deniel worked with were singer Cory Wells (singer of 3 Dog Night), W.C. Fields Memorial electric string band, Merrilly Rush ("Angel of the Morning"), Sonny and Cher, Glen Campbell, Ian Whitcomb, Peter Fonda, The Standells, and Rod Evans (Deep Purple).

06. When the original "Buffalo Springfield" band broke up, Deniel Edwards was summoned to be the lead guitarist in "The New Buffalo Springfield Band" with the original drummer Dewey Martin. Deniel Edwards also performed a number of recordings with Dewey Martin for his solo album, which mysteriously to this day, have not been found.

"I have one of the greatest histories of non released and shelved albums in the world! (LOL) "

07. 1969 was the year that Deniel met and became good friends with Rod Stewart, lead singer for the Jeff Beck group. A special note of interest: While driving with Rod, his girlfriend, and drummer Mick Waller to a concert at the Shrine Auditorium, they got involved in a serious car accident on the Hollywood freeway. By some miracle, all four survived. Have Mercy!

08. "The Screaming Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends" album has turned into a huge underground cult favorite, which Deniel Edwards appears on (check out Deniels Music page).

09. As a result of playing 5 tracks on "The Screamin' Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends" album, Deniel Edwards was listed in "Who's Who of Rock & Roll" book by William York, Scribners and Sons N.Y.

10. Deniel was in a short lived group with Jimmy Hendrix's bass player Noel Redding called "The Fat Mattress".

11. Deniel performed and jammed at "The Experience", a club on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood (named after the Jimmy Hendrix Experience), where he performed and played with artists like Spencer Davis, bassist D Murray (Elton John and Kinky Dee), Mike Pinera (Iron Butterfly), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin drummer), John Paul Jones (bassist for Led Zeppelin), The Alice Cooper Band, Screamin' Lord Sutch, and a host of others. It was a magical time.

"Some of the great drummers I've ever had the privilege of working with are Craig Krampf (Nashville Studio and touring drummer), Teddy Meuller, Richie Hayward (Little Feet), John Bonham (Led Zepplin), Bruce Crump (Molly Hatchet), John Hyde (Detective), Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), Mark Droubay (Survivor), and Ansley Dunbar (Journey), Scott Moyer, Tony Kavros, Brian Irving, Brian Glsscock (The Motels)."

12. In 1973, Deniel Edwards was introduced to the Everly Brothers by Eddie Cochrans girlfriend, Sharon Sheely, to be considered for the position as lead guitar player for the Everly brothers European tour. He rehearsed with Phil Everly at his home in Toluca Lake.

13. In 1977, Deniel Edwards and drummer and good friend Craig Krampf joined forces with bass player Richard Michaels and vocalist Steve Perry prior to the band "Alien" and "Journey". Deniel wrote a series of original music for which Steve Perry added his lyric and melody.

Two songs appear on Journey's Infinity album: "La Do Da", which started out originally as "Something About You Baby" (check out Deniel Edwards Music page,) and the song "Patiently", which Deniel wrote the music for the late Tommy Burns in 1973. A third song "Makes No Difference" appears on Steve Perry's album "Street Talk".

Deniel Edwards has yet to be recognized and compensated for these songs.

14. Deniel Edwards was involved in a studio project with drummer Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), and bassist Keith Holler (Steven Bishop), and Eagles "Hotel California" tribute band.

Deniel Edwards original bands and recording projects include the Deniel Edwards Group, Rough and Ready, Black Cat Moan, and Gasoline Alley.

15. Former singer of the Deniel Edwards Group, John Hyde, became a member of "Detective" in 1977, and recorded 3 LP's on Led Zepplins Swan Song label. 2 were released, one was shelved.

16. In 1980, Deniel Edwards was considered for membership of the group Kiss until Gene Simmons told him "You're too tall".

17. Former drummer of the Deniel Edwards Group, Brian Glasscock, became a permanent member of "The Motels".

18. Singer/keyboardist Scott Thurston, who recorded with Deniel Edwards on a studio project, went on to play with Iggy Pop, and is now a permanent member with "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers".

As Paul McCartney does in England every year, Deniel Edwards also performs annual events that pay tribute to Buddy Holly.

19. Deniel Edwards recorded on Kathleen Siskron’s 1997 CD release.

20. In 2007, Deniel Edwards played on the soundtrack of the Jaimie Kennedy movie "Kickin' It Old Skool". Don Peake was Musical Director.

21. Deniel Edwards plays lead guitar on track 6 "Best Of Kin" on the Desert Dragon CD, released in 2010.

22. Deniel performed the guitar tracks for the "Radio Rock Revolution" DVD arranged by Don Peake for Travesty Productions, narrated by Danny Bonaduce.

23. Deniel was offered a position in the band Poco by Richie Furay.

24. Recorded on Ian Whitcombs solo album released in England.

"Some other exceptional artists I've worked with are Rod Evans (original singer of Deep Purple), Steve Marino (Keyboards), Eric Exstrand, Ray Pizzi, Ruby Star (Ruby Jones Band and Black Oak Arkansas), Don Peake (Nashville Hall of Famer), Rockabilly artist Danny Memphis, Greg Patnode (Desert Dragon), solo artist Kathleen Siskron, Billy Joe Burnett, blues legend Slim Harpo, blues rock singer Shaun Williamson."

As Deniel Edwards continues in the arena of rock & Roll, he paces his life, not wanting to burn out like so many of his peers have. Deniel stays centered and focused by being an avid health food exercise and meditation guru, a martial arts practitioner, a practicing buddhist, and ufologist. A spirit of positive energy, excitement, and perseverance always surround him.