Deniel Edwards is currently working on the following:

# 01 Burning Sky tribute to Free, Bad Company, and Paul Rodgers.

# 02 Paul Casey's Number 1 Elvis tribute in Las Vegas and America.

# 03 Studio projects with Nashville hall of famer Don Peake.

# 04 The rock group Blue Eyed Jack.

# 05 An original CD by Deniel Edwards and Friends.

# 06 Production music for TV, advertising and film with Yuri Kusina.

# 07 Project with Michael Conti, early sun Elvis impressionist and solo CD project.

# 08 Backup guitarist for Maureen Davis and the Mercury 5.

# 09 CD project of original songs with Fat Chance.

# 10 Bad Company and Free project and original CD project with bass player Bob Mozzola

# 11 Rockabilly project with Regional Dewitte from France.

# 12 Buddy Holly and history of early rock n roll show for Vegas with Johnny Rogers.

# 13 Original blues project with singer Marissa Mendenhall.

# 14 Recording project with Nashville and LA Producer/Engineer Eric Prestidge.

# 15 Recording project and live shows with blues singer John Kaye.

# 16 Recording and touring with Souls of Passion.

# 17 Scott Freeson CD project.

# 18 Steve Smith recording and touring project.

# 19 Mark Langton Band project.

# 20 Cory Morgonsterd CD and Band project.

# 21 Nathan Arbuthnott (King Fish) Blues project.

# 22 Bill Bishop EP Production World Wide Elvis Show Featuring Bobb Esposito.

# 23 South Bay Country Band Local Gigs.

# 24 Mad Mad Marcae Blues Artist Shows and CD project.

# 25 Possible music collaboration with Singer Song Writer, Mark Pont.

# 26 Working with Lucy Pillar in finding a lead singer for (Bad Cat Moan).

# 27 Working with Nessy Elik from Germany to find lead singer for blues rock project.

# 28 Writing original songs with singer Darren Dowler for CD project.

# 29 Possibility of working with blues rock singer Julie Myers on upcoming 2015 tour.

# 30 Possibility of backing blues singer Bob Bishop.

# 31 Ongoing project with drummer Brian Karl for Bad Cat Moan.

# 32 CD project with Danny Margold in Seattle.

# 33 Trying for a blues rock project with Dan McNay (bass) and Randy Scoles (singer).

# 34 Backing Debra Lee from Switt & Sassy on Los Angeles shows.